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The Autumn Art Sale
Venue address
The Saleroom
Vine Street
Scarborough, North Yorkshire
YO11 1XN
United Kingdom
The Autumn Art Sale

Traditional 19th century art, Staithes Group and Marine, Portraits, 20th century & Contemporary works

Auction dates
Nov 06, 2020 11:00 AM GMT
Viewing dates
Nov 03, 2020 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM GMT
Nov 04, 2020 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM GMT
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There are 281 lots within this auction
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A* B* White (19th/20th century): 'Command Performance', oil on canvas signed, old title label verso,
950 GBP
James P Barraclough (British 1891-1942): Chelsea Workhouse, oil on canvas signed and dated 1920, 101
380 GBP
James P Barraclough (British 1891-1942): Half Length Portrait of a Young Woman in a Blue Dress, oil
600 GBP
Attrib. Sir William Beechy (British 1753-1839): Elizabeth Halkett - Wife of Admiral Sir Peter Halket
140 GBP
Gilbert Scott Wright (British 1880-1958): View from the Theatre Box, oil on canvas signed 52cm x 52c
2,200 GBP
Tahoma Amanda Jackson (British c.1973-): Young Couple Dancing, oil on board signed 31cm x 35cm D
240 GBP
H J (Early 20th century): May Time Country Dancing, pastel signed with initials 29cm x 48cm
80 GBP
Dorothea Sharp (Newlyn School 1874-1955): 'On the Beach', oil on board signed, with a similar
16,500 GBP
Dorothea Sharp (Newlyn School 1874-1955): Young Girl with a Lamb on a Hillside, oil on canvas unsign
3,600 GBP
Marcella Smith (Newlyn School 1887-1963): Figures on the Beach, oil on board signed 22cm x 35cm Not
130 GBP
Circle of Jean François Raffaëlli (French 1850-1924): Place de la Concorde Paris, oil on mahogany
2,700 GBP
Attrib. Eugene Boudin (French 1825-1898): Bathing Machines on the Beach at Scarborough, watercolour
950 GBP
Casimir Raymond (French 1870-?): 'Les Martigues' Bouches-du-Rhone, watercolour signed, titled and da
140 GBP
Edmond Marie Petit Jean (French 1844-1925): River Landscape, oil on board, artist's studio stamp ver
500 GBP
Louis Peyrat (French 1911-2001): Houses before a Castle, oil on canvas signed 31cm x 39cm DDS - A
130 GBP
Willem Roelofs (Dutch 1822-1897): Windmill Landscape with Figures Picking Vegetables, oil on canvas
280 GBP
Henry Woods RA (British 1846-1921): Venice through an Archway, oil on canvas signed 38cm x 25cm
900 GBP
Charles Euphrasie Kuwasseg (French 1833-1904): Busy Canal Scene, oil on mahogany panel signed and da
850 GBP
William Frederick Witherington RA (British 1785-1865): 'The Dancing Bear', oil on mahogany panel, in
1,300 GBP
Alfred Steinacker (Hungarian 1838-1914): On the Way to Market, oil on canvas signed 17cm x 30cm
160 GBP
Cesare Provaggi (Italian 19th century): 'A Present for the Priest', watercolour signed 26cm x 37cm
170 GBP
G R Moretti (Italian 19th/20th century): The Portrait Painter, watercolour signed and inscribed 'Rom
260 GBP
Roberto Raimondi (Italian 1877-1961): Taking Tea, watercolour signed and inscribed 'Roma' 36cm x 53c
550 GBP
A. Stephan Sedlacek (German 1868-1936): The Musical Soiree, oil on canvas signed, indistinctly title
1,500 GBP
Italian School (18th century): Classical Terrace scenes with Figures emblematic of the Arts , set of
1,300 GBP
Italian School (19th/20th century): Mary Magdalene Reading, oil on tin unsigned 23cm x 28cm
240 GBP
Andras Gombar (Hungarian 1946-): Still Life of Glass and Metalware, oil on board signed 29cm x 39cm
280 GBP
Andras Gombar (Hungarian 1946-): Still Life of Wine Bottle and Brassware, oil on panel signed 29cm x
320 GBP
Gerald Cooper (British 1898-1975): Still Life of Geraniums, oil on board signed and dated 1952, 49cm
2,400 GBP
William Hughes (British 1842-1901): Still life of Apples and Grapes, oil on canvas signed with initi
150 GBP
Neil Tyler (British 1945-): Still Life of Flowers with Cantonese ceramic Figure, oil on canvas signe
120 - 180 GBP
Neil Tyler (British 1945-): Still Life of Leeks and Glass Flagon, oil on canvas signed 49cm x 59cm
160 GBP
John Caesar Smith (British 1930-): Wooded Vale with Sheep and Rabbits, oil on canvas signed and date
380 GBP
William (Bill) R Makinson (British Contemporary): 'Jodie and Bluebells', oil on canvas signed, title
160 GBP
RTV Alwyn Henry Holland (British 1861-1935): Young Woman in a Cottage Garden, watercolour highlighte
200 GBP
Thomas Noelsmith (British 1840-1900): 'Cranmore Somerset', watercolour signed and titled 25cm x 35cm
70 GBP
David Woodlock (British 1842-1929): Yew Tree Cottage and St Oswald's Church Bidston on the Wirral, o
130 GBP
Myles Birket Foster RWS (British 1825-1899): Figures at the Cottage Doorway with Hens, watercolour w
160 GBP
James W Milliken (British 1887-1930): Townscapes, pair watercolours signed 16cm x 24cm (2)
160 GBP
Ernest Boyce Uden (British 1911-1986): York Minster, watercolour and bodycolour signed 27cm x 17cm
70 GBP
David Jan Curtis (British 1948-): 'Winter Sun Stone Mill', oil on board signed, titled verso 24cm x
180 GBP
John Falconar Slater (British 1857-1937): The Water Mill, oil on canvas signed 89cm x 126cm
800 GBP
Victor Burr (British 1908-1993): 'In Tilgate Forest' Crawley West Sussex, oil on canvas board unsign
80 GBP
Patrick William Adam RSA (Scottish 1854-1929): 'The Old Oaks', pastel signed, titled verso on artist
320 GBP
Sir James Lawton Wingate (Scottish 1846-1924): 'Near Gargunnock' Stirling, oil on canvas signed, tit
180 GBP
Herbert F Royle (British 1870-1958): Sheep and Cattle in the Yorkshire Dales, oil on board signed 38
420 GBP
Kershaw Schofield (British 1872-1941): Landscape with Farm Buildings and Cattle, oil on canvas signe
550 GBP
Herbert F Royle (British 1870-1958): 'Lewis Crofts' Outer Hebrides, oil on canvas signed, titled on
480 GBP
Reginald Grange Brundrit RA, ROI (British 1883-1960): 'Wharfedale', oil on board signed, titled on S
190 GBP
Brian Irving (British 1931-2013): Yorkshire Dales Barns, pair watercolours signed, artist's studio l
80 GBP
Richard Marshall (British 1944-2006): Sunrise 'Harbour Mouth Whitby', watercolour signed, titled ver
300 GBP
Robert Leslie Howey (British 1900-1981): 'Teesmouth', watercolour heightened in white signed, titled
140 GBP
William Matthison (British 1853-1926): Scottish Inlet with Peterhead Fishing Boats, watercolour sign
300 GBP
Impressionist School (Early 20th century): Three Masted Boat by the Quayside, oil on panel unsigned,
100 GBP
English School (Late 19th century): Farmstead in Winter Landscape, oil on canvas unsigned 39cm x 60c
360 GBP
Edward Mossforth Neatby (British 1888-1949): Figures on Horseback at Sunset, oil on canvas signed 55
300 GBP
Bruce Kendall (British Contemporary): 'Moonlight over the Howardian Hills', oil on board signed, tit
280 GBP
Albert Moulton Foweraker (British 1873-1942): 'Bailey's Lane St. Ives', watercolour signed 28.5cm x
550 GBP
Fergal Nally (Irish 20th century): Irish Lough scene, oil on canvas board signed and dated '61, 29cm
100 GBP
Will Kemp (British 1977-): West Coast Cottages, oil on canvas signed 76cm x 76cm Provenance: with t
440 GBP