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Country Pursuits, Sporting Guns, Taxidermy & Militaria
Venue address
The Vine Street Salerooms
Vine Street
Scarborough, North Yorkshire
YO11 1XN
United Kingdom
Country Pursuits, Sporting Guns, Taxidermy & Militaria

Auction dates
Jun 25, 2021 11:00 AM BST
Auction currency
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There are 234 lots within this auction
Primary Category
Item Type
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WW2 German SMF Solingen DLV flyers dagger with 16cm steel blade
600 GBP
WW2 German Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (Red Cross) Leader's dagger with unmarked 24.5cm double edged steel
440 GBP
WW2 US Army Airforce pilot's survival machete the 25.5cm steel blade stamped Camillus
65 GBP
Pattern 1879 Martini Henry Carbine heavy artillery saw-back sword bayonet the 65.5cm fullered blade
90 GBP
German mounted artillery sabre with 76cm curving fullered steel blade
200 GBP
Post WW2 Fairbairn Sykes style black commando knife
140 GBP
TBS Boar knife
Lot 3006
50 GBP
Perkin hunting knife with 10.5cm damascus blade stamped PERKIN and metal studded hardwood handle L20
60 GBP
Swiss M1957 S.1.G. assault rifle bayonet
65 GBP
20th century J. Nowill & Sons Scottish Highland dress skean-dhu the 9.5cm fullered single edged blad
70 GBP
Leather belt sheath for an Ibberson yachting kit containing associated marline spike and shackle key
30 GBP
Western Boulder Colorado hunting knife the 11.5cm curving blade with maker's name to the ricassso
60 GBP
Two late 19th/early 20th century billhooks - one blade marked 'Brumby & Middleton' with Victoria cyp
60 GBP
French Model 1874 epee/gras bayonet the 52cm steel piped back blade inscribed St. Etienne Avril 1877
60 GBP
French Model 1874 epee/gras bayonet the 52cm steel piped back blade inscribed Paris Oudry 1879
60 GBP
French Model 1866 sabre bayonet with 57cm fullered steel curving blade
55 GBP
Pattern 1821 cavalry trooper's sword with 60cm cut-down fullered steel blade
65 GBP
George V 1897 pattern army officer's sword the 82.5cm etched blade by Flights Ltd London
95 GBP
Italian 1871 pattern Cavalry Trooper's sword with unmarked 90cm slightly curved pipe-back blade
95 GBP
Prussian cavalry officer's sword with unmarked 78cm slightly curving fullered steel blade
150 GBP
Mid-20th century Rhodesian short sword/knife with 34.5cm steel blade
70 GBP
Japanese tanto dagger with 21cm steel single edged blade
90 GBP
Large continental steel halberd axe the engraved blade with cast sunburst centre and long studded as
40 GBP
Fighting knife with 15cm steel double edged blade
65 GBP
Norwegian sports axe with indistinct makers name and logo and ash handle L34cm; and unmarked hunting
60 GBP
Swedish hunting axe the head marked Gransfors-Bruk
150 GBP
American Remington model 1917 Enfield bayonet with 43cm blade and scabbard 58cm overall; German
320 GBP
Rare pair of London 40 bore Officer's percussion dueling pistols by Robert Braggs c1830/40
7,000 - 10,000 GBP
Rare Henry Pieper Liege seven-chambered solid barrel 297/30 calibre rim-fire volley gun with six
4,000 GBP
19th century Ann Patrick of Liverpool 16-bore percussion double barrel side-by-side shotgun the 71
550 GBP
Early 19th century Thwaits Bath 12-bore flintlock single barrel fowling piece
500 GBP
19th century continental 20-bore single barrel percussion musket with 85.5cm barrel inscribed
160 GBP
Early 19th century 15-bore flintlock converted to percussion cap fowling piece
120 GBP
19th century flintlock musket for restoration or display
45 GBP
19th century flintlock musket for restoration or display
50 GBP
19th century flintlock musket for restoration or display
60 GBP
19th century flintlock musket for restoration or display
80 GBP
19th century continental flintlock musket for restoration or display
65 GBP
19th century flintlock musket for restoration or display
55 GBP
French Model 1866 Chassepot 11mm bolt-action needle fire rifle
220 GBP
Rare double barrel percussion knife pistol by Dumonthier & Sons (NVN)
1,200 GBP
Mid-19th century James Rodgers Sheffield 160-bore (approx. 25cal.) percussion knife pistol with twin
500 GBP
Mid-19th century French LePage-Moutier 32-bore (.45 cal.) single barrel percussion pocket pistol
400 GBP
Unfinished restoration project of a continental flintlock volley pistol with modern white metal
260 GBP
Pair of Richardson Liverpool 16-bore single barrel percussion belt/travelling pistols
1,500 GBP
Late 18th century flintlock pocket pistol signed H. Nock London with 4cm turn-off barrel and drop
300 GBP
Colt model 1849 percussion six-shot pocket revolver
1,300 GBP
Colt model 1860 .44 calibre six-shot percussion army revolver with stepped cylinder
850 GBP
Colt .36 calibre percussion five-shot police pocket revolver
550 GBP
Colt .41 calibre rim-fire third model deringer with 6.5cm barrel marked COLT
360 GBP
Mid-19th century 12mm (approx. .45cal.) six-shot pin fire revolver with single and double action
170 GBP
Mid-19th century incomplete six-shot percussion pepperbox revolver
120 GBP
Italian Sprint eight-shot .22 rim fire blank firing pistol L18cm; and German MaRie Perfecta 6mm blan
45 GBP
Miniature all nickel .22 pin fire single shot pistol with engraved grip and suspension ring to the b
75 GBP
Mid-19th century Belgian 7mm pin-fire pocket revolver with six-shot cylinder
60 GBP
19th century over-and-under double barrel percussion cap pistol
340 GBP
19th century flintlock converted to percussion cap target pistol
300 GBP
Scratch-built copy of a 19th century percussion cap pistol with 7cm tapering cannon style turn-off b
65 GBP
Early 19th century percussion cap cavalry pistol with round 23cm unsighted barrel
200 GBP
Early 19th century flintlock holster pistol with 21.5cm octagonal barrel
220 GBP