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The Autumn Art Sale
Venue address
The Vine Street Salerooms
Vine Street
Scarborough, North Yorkshire
YO11 1XN
United Kingdom
The Autumn Art Sale

Auction dates
Sep 16, 2022 11:00 AM BST
Viewing dates
Sep 13, 2022 10:00 AM - 04:30 PM BST
Sep 14, 2022 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM BST
Sep 15, 2022 10:00 AM - 04:30 PM BST
Sep 16, 2022 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM BST
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There are 226 lots within this auction
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Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): The Middleton Hunt Meet with Hounds
850 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): Beverley North Bar Without
700 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): Cobles at North Landing Flamborough
950 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): Cobles at North Landing Flamborough
750 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): South Landing Flamborough
500 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): Flamborough Head and Lighthouse looking South
1,600 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): Sailing Yacht off Flamborough
1,600 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): 'In Full Sail' Clipper at Sea
500 GBP
James Miller (British 1962-): Big Class Yachts - 'A Stiffening Breeze'
480 GBP
James Miller (British 1962-): J Class Yachts - 'Falmouth Regatta 2015'
460 GBP
James Miller (British 1962-): Big Class Yachts 'Mariette and Eleonora - The Westward Cup 2010'
150 GBP
Roger Chapelet (French 1903-1995): 'Cutty Sark'
1,900 GBP
William Selby (Northern British 1933-): Yacht at Sea
130 GBP
John Charles Allcot (British/Australian 1888-1973): 'RMS Naldera at Sydney'
170 GBP
Jack Rigg (British 1927-): 'Whitby Light WY170' Skippered by William Hall leaving Whitby Harbour in
1,000 GBP
Jack Rigg (British 1927-): Fishing Boats Leaving Whitby Harbour with St. Marys Church and the Abbey
800 GBP
Neil Tyler (British 1945-): 'Rising Tide Holbeck' Scarborough
140 GBP
Walter F Scott Hetherington (British 1867-1943): Wash Day St. Ives
340 GBP
Reginald Grange Brundrit RA ROI (British 1883-1960): 'Near Stoupe Brow Ravenscar'
110 GBP
Michael O'Dea (Irish 1958-): 'Low Tide West Clare' Ireland
650 GBP
Dudley Dixon (British exh.1924-1940): Fishing Boat in Stormy Seas
200 GBP
Sarah Adams (British 20th century): 'A Cornish Claypit'
220 GBP
George Herbert Buckingham Holland (British 1901-1987): Figures on Bournemouth Beach with a Steamer d
180 GBP
Norfolk School (20th century): Fishing Boats and Yachts
180 GBP
Stephen Hawkins (British 1964-): 'Ponies in the Downs'
320 GBP
Bruce Kendall (British Contemporary): 'The River Ure Yorkshire'
260 GBP
Bruce Kendall (British Contemporary): 'Still Evening'
110 GBP
Ben Holgate (Northern British Contemporary): 'April Gorse'
100 GBP
Catherine Tyler (British 1949-): 'Sheep Sale Malton'
190 GBP
Alan M Hunt (British 1947-): 'White-spotted Bluethroat'
200 GBP
Alan M Hunt (British 1947-): 'Juvenile Wheatear'
180 GBP
Alan M Hunt (British 1947-): 'Lesser Black Backed Gull'
95 GBP
Bridget Gillespie (British 1962-): 'Howgate Wonder' - Apple Study
300 GBP
Neil Tyler (British 1945-): 'Citrus' - Still Life of Fruit
420 GBP
Albert George Stevens (Staithes Group 1863-1925): Still Life of Vegetables
170 GBP
John Flanagan (USA 1865-1952): Still Life with Skull
170 GBP
Continental School (20th century): Still Life of Flowers in a Pewter Vase
200 GBP
Beth Zeeh (Swedish 1911-2004): Still Life Vase of Flowers
100 GBP
Attrib. Mikhail Petrovic Konchalovsky (Russian 1906-2000): Still Life Windsor chair with Vase of Flo
480 GBP
John Mackie (Scottish 1953-): Abstract Interior
150 GBP
William Selby (Northern British 1933-): 'Dancer in Red Tights
170 GBP
Sonia Mervyn (British 1893-1977): 'Eilleen' - Lady Reading on a Chaise Longue
95 GBP
George Goodwin Kilburne (British 1839-1924): Warming the Lady's Coat
1,200 GBP
John Lawson (Scottish 1838-?): Mary and Jesus as a Boy with Joseph Working
95 GBP
Frank Bindley (Irish fl.1878-1883): 'The Pets'
400 GBP
William Henry Hunt (British 1790-1864): Cavalier Seated by Steps
95 GBP
Alfred Stevens (Belgian/British 1823-1906): Reading a Letter probably a Self Portrait
340 GBP
Jean Pierre Victor Dartiguenave (French c.1814-185): Girl with a Jug of Water
190 GBP
Henry Childe Pocock RBA (British 1854-1934): Peeling Turnips
180 GBP
Catherine Jane Atkins (British 1847-1924): Going to Market - Portrait of a Young Girl carrying a Bas
240 GBP
Edward Charles Barnes (British 1830-1882): The Shrimp Seller
850 GBP
Frederick Brueton (British 1859-1916): Elderly Lady Threading a Needle
190 GBP
Attrib. Walter Langley (Newlyn School 1852-1922): Portrait of an Elderly Lady
190 GBP
English School (19th/20th century): Portrait of a Young Girl
110 GBP
Haydn Reynolds Mackey (British 1881-1979): Portrait of a Young Lady
420 GBP
Paul Georges (USA 1923-2002): Portrait of a Seated Lady
320 GBP