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The Winter Art Sale
Venue address
The Vine Street Salerooms
Vine Street
Scarborough, North Yorkshire
YO11 1XN
United Kingdom
The Winter Art Sale

Auction dates
Nov 25, 2022 11:00 AM GMT
Viewing dates
Nov 22, 2022 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM GMT
Nov 23, 2022 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM GMT
Nov 24, 2022 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM GMT
Nov 25, 2022 08:30 AM - 11:00 AM GMT
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There are 226 lots within this auction
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John Hanley (Northern British 1947-): 'The Mill on the Hill'
500 GBP
John Hanley (Northern British 1947-): 'When Coal was King'
280 GBP
John Hanley (Northern British 1947-): 'Early Morning Walk'
340 GBP
John Hanley (Northern British 1947-): 'We'd Better Pack it in Bill'
280 GBP
Steven Scholes (Northern British 1952-): Lower Mosley Street
300 GBP
Steven Scholes (Northern British 1952-): 'Market Street Manchester 1962'
280 GBP
Steven Scholes (Northern British 1952-): 'The Old Gas Lamp 1962'
380 GBP
Steven Scholes (Northern British 1952-): 'Wet Roof Tops North Manchester 1962'
360 GBP
Steven Scholes (Northern British 1952-): 'The Oxo Tower from the Victoria Embankment'
550 GBP
John Seymour Godden (British 1930-1999): 'Gorbals Tenements' Glasgow
240 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Christmas Holidays'
190 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Winter Play'
200 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'The Woods in Winter'
140 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'A Winters Day'
130 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Winter: Near Hackness Scarborough' and 'Going Home from Sledging
190 GBP
William B Dealtry (British 1915-2007): North Yorkshire Moors Winter Landscape
340 GBP
Attrib. Tom Campbell (Scottish 1865-1943): 'Ravenglass' Scenes
220 GBP
John Henderson (Scottish 1860-1924): Winter Moorland Landscape with Country Lane
100 GBP
John Falconer Slater (British 1857-1937): Driving Sheep in Winter Sunset
550 GBP
William Greaves (British 1852-1938): 'The River Wharfe near Woodhall Leeds'
260 GBP
Herbert F Royle (British 1870-1958): 'The Dee Estuary from Caldy Hill - Wirral'
1,200 GBP
William Ashton (British 1853-1927): Haystacks 'Farm Scene' and 'Farmhouse with Sheep'
180 GBP
Arthur Reginald Smith (British 1872-1934): Tree Lined River
240 GBP
Frederick (Fred) Lawson (British 1888-1968): Middleham Castle
120 GBP
Frederick (Fred) Lawson (British 1888-1968): 'West Burton'
160 GBP
Attrib. James Ward (British 1769-1857): Study of an Alpine Mastiff
170 GBP
Attrib. Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (French 1755-1842): Classical Scene with the Artist at Work
170 GBP
Attrib. Édouard Manet (French 1832-1883): Woman in a Hat
850 GBP
Attrib. Edgar Degas (French 1834-1917): Study for 'Young Spartans Exercising'
1,600 GBP
After Pierre Auguste Renoir (French 1841-1919): Girl with a Bonnet
90 GBP
Attrib. James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American 1834-1903): Reclining Lady
110 GBP
Anne Isabella Brooke (British 1916-2002): Female Nude Life Study
160 GBP
Johannes Carolus Bernardus Sluijters a.k.a. Jan Sluyters (Dutch 1881-1957): Three Ladies in Conversa
420 GBP
Frederick (Fred) Stead (British 1863-1940): Girl in White Dress
950 GBP
P C Helleu (French 1859-1927): Portrait of a Young Woman
650 GBP
Attrib. Sophie Gengembre Anderson (French/British 1823-1903): Young Girl with a Basket of Strawberri
320 GBP
English School (Early 18th century): Portrait of a Lady in a Silk Gown
950 GBP
George Fiddes Watt (Scottish 1873-1960): Portrait of Reverend Archibald Henderson
1,400 GBP
Septimus Edwin Scott (British 1879-1965): Portrait of 'Walter Rhodes (1864-1939)'
100 GBP
Alfred Emile Leopold Stevens (Belgian/British 1823-1906): Reading a Letter probably a Self Portrait
340 GBP
Attrib. Harold Knight (Staithes Group 1874-1961): Lady Knitting
340 GBP
Anatole Soungouroff (Russian/French 1911-1982): Portrait of a Young Couple
440 GBP
Italian School (19th century): Girl Sewing
140 GBP
Dutch School (18th century): 'Gentilomo Veneti' and 'Capitano Veneti'
200 GBP
Paul Musin (Belgian 20th Century): Fashionable Lady in Green Playing Neapolitan Mandolin
220 GBP
Paul Musin (Belgian 20th Century): Two 1920s Ladies on a Train
240 GBP
Jerzy Marek (Polish 1925-2014): 'Triangle' - Lady with Cats
320 GBP
Jean Dufy (French 1888-1964): Portrait of a Woman
480 GBP
Gilbert Joseph Holiday (British 1879-1937): 'Almost a Fairy Tale' - Princess Chand of Bijapur
380 GBP
Mabel Gear (British 1898-1987): 'Best of Friends' - Donkey and Terrier
130 GBP
American Primitive / Naïve School (19th/20th century): Two Turkeys
700 GBP
Stephen Baghot de la Bere RI (British 1877-1927): The Witch in the Forest
130 GBP
Frederick Richard Pickersgill (British 1820-1900): 'The Wisdom of Solomon'
100 GBP
Stanley Berkeley (American 1855-1909): 'Julian and Kennedy Save Brogten'
100 GBP
R Harrier (Continental 19th century): The Tired Messenger
60 GBP
Arthur John Strutt (British 1819-1888): 'The Arch of Titus - Rome'
480 GBP
Guite Ferry-Humblot (French 1897-?): 'Venezia' Venice Canal Scene with Gondolier
140 GBP
English School (19th century): Lincoln Cathedral
260 GBP
Paul Marny (French/British 1829-1914): St Botolph's Church (Boston Stump) Lincolnshire
260 GBP
Paul Marny (French/British 1829-1914): Rouen Marketplace near Cathedral
170 GBP