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The Summer Art Sale
Venue address
The Vine Street Salerooms
Vine Street
Scarborough, North Yorkshire
YO11 1XN
United Kingdom
The Summer Art Sale

Auction dates
Jun 16, 2023 11:00 AM BST
Viewing dates
Jun 13, 2023 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM BST
Jun 14, 2023 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM BST
Jun 15, 2023 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM BST
Jun 16, 2023 08:30 AM - 11:00 AM BST
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There are 315 lots within this auction
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Joy Lomas (British Contemporary): Scarborough South Bay viewed through Glassware
280 GBP
Joy Lomas (British Contemporary): Scarborough North Bay viewed through Glassware
300 GBP
Joy Lomas (British Contemporary): Spa Bridge and the South Bay Scarborough
240 GBP
Joy Lomas (British Contemporary): 'Scarborough Harbour showing the Albert Strange Pontoons'
200 GBP
Joy Lomas (British Contemporary): Scarborough Spa
180 GBP
Joy Lomas (British Contemporary): The Rotunda Ceiling - Scarborough
130 GBP
Walter Goodin (British 1907-1992): Panoramic View of 'North Landing Flamborough'
550 GBP
Adam Francis Watson (Sheffield 1859-1932): Flamborough North Landing
440 GBP
Adam Francis Watson (Sheffield 1859-1932): Robin Hood's Bay
360 GBP
Harold Bennett (British 1879-1955): 'The Village Street Folkton' near Scarborough
90 GBP
Attrib. James Dickson Innes (Welsh 1887-1914): Morning Clouds
500 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Harbour View'
170 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Woodbridge Suffolk - The Quay'
110 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Barge Race on the Orwell Suffolk'
260 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Winter Landscape - Lincoln Cathedral in the Distance'
180 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Summer Meadows with Bolsover Castle Derbyshire in the Distance'
95 GBP
William Burns (British 1923-2010): 'Mayfield Valley Sheffield'
100 GBP
Bruce Kendall (British Contemporary): 'The Wetlands'
190 GBP
Bruce Kendall (British Contemporary): 'Suffolk Landscape'
140 GBP
Carl Whitfield (British 1958-): 'Fox in Meadow'
480 GBP
Edgar Hunt (British 1876-1953): Ducks and Chickens in the Farmyard
5,800 GBP
George Thompson (British late 19th century): Chickens Pecking in the Woods
380 GBP
Malcolm Coward (British 1948-): Horse's Head Study
220 GBP
Malcolm Coward (British 1948-): Longhorn Cow at Rest
220 GBP
Thomas Sidney Cooper (British 1803-1902): Cattle Watering
2,100 GBP
Thomas Sidney Cooper (British 1803-1902): Cow and Sheep under a Brooding Sky
1,600 GBP
Robert Watson (British 1865-1916): Sheep on a Rocky Bank
1,700 GBP
WITHDRAWN at the request of the vendor's family - Attrib. John Frederick Herring Jnr. (British 181
1,200 - 1,800 GBP
Heywood Hardy (British 1842-1933): Huntsman and Hounds in Rough Country
800 GBP
George Wright (British 1860-1942): The Stagecoach
320 GBP
English School (19th/20th century): 'Left at the Post'
260 GBP
E Verestchagen (Russian 19th/20th century): Troika in the Snow
1,100 GBP
Edward Benjamin Herberte (British 1857-1893): Landscape with Horseman and Dog resting under Trees
360 GBP
Alessio Issupoff (Italian 1889-1957): Feeding the Horses
1,600 GBP
After Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (British 1802-1873): 'A Highland Breakfast'
190 GBP
Josef Haier (Austrian 1816-1891): Children Reading
120 GBP
Spanish School (19th century): Mother Lacemaking beside her Baby's Crib
95 GBP
Albert George Stevens (Staithes Group 1863-1925): Lady Reading the Paper
260 GBP
Albert George Stevens (Staithes Group 1863-1925): Bedtime
130 GBP
Henry Childe Pocock RBA (British 1854-1934): Peeling Turnips
110 GBP
WITHDRAWN at the request of the vendor's family - Sir Hubert Von Herkomer RA RWS CVO (British 1849
2,000 - 3,000 GBP
English School (Early 20th century): Young Girl holding a Doll
200 GBP
Scottish School (Late 20th century): View of Edinburgh Castle from a Princess Street Window
500 GBP
Olive Bagshaw (Northern British fl.1965-1978): Lady Reading behind a Jug of Dried Honesty
280 GBP
Olive Bagshaw (Northern British fl.1965-1978): Old Man Drinking
130 GBP
English School (Early 20th century): 'Walter Sickert and his Wife'
170 GBP
Tom Keating (British 1917-1984): Self Portrait as Rembrandt
380 GBP
Frederick Brueton (British 1859-1916): Elderly Lady Threading a Needle
170 GBP
James George (British fl.1826-1838): Portrait of a Young Girl
750 GBP
Isaac James Cullin (Cullen) (American/British 1859-1942): 'Study of a Head'
360 GBP
English School (19th century): Portrait of a Lady
550 GBP
English School (Mid 19th century): Portrait of Major General Richard George Connelly
1,300 - 1,800 GBP
Anne MJ Dodsley (British exh.1872): Portrait of a Victorian Gentleman Seated with Sporting Gun
200 GBP
English School (19th century): 'The Luthier' - The Violin Maker
440 GBP
Joseph Emanuel Weiser (German 1847-1911): 'A Pretty Slipper' and 'A Pinch of Snuffe'
1,300 GBP
English School (Early 19th century): Portrait of a Professional Gentleman
400 GBP
Circle of Jacob De Wit (Dutch 1695-1754): Aphrodite and Eros
260 GBP
English Primitive / Na�ve School (19th century): Two Girls with their Dog
2,000 GBP
John Murray Drummond (Scottish 1802-1889): Fisherman Smoking a Pipe
200 GBP